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Have a question about one of our games? We can help! This page is split into a general help and a dedicated help section for each game. Please read the first section, then the one for your TinyCo game of choice. If you can’t find the answer there, please contact TinyCo Support using the form at the bottom of this page.


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  • Welcome to TinyCo Support

    For help with Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, visit our help portal at:

    For all other TinyCo titles, please use the navigation to the left.

  • How to Find Your PlayerID or DeviceID

    TinyCo Games use either a "PlayerID" or a "DeviceID" to locate your account. Whichever your game uses, it can be found in the same place in-game.

    To find your ID:

    1. Open the Help FAQ from within your app.
    2. At the top you'll see PlayerID: [string of letters and numbers]
      1. If your game uses a DeviceID instead, this will say DeviceID: [string of letters and numbers]
    3. Tap, hold and release ID to copy it to your clipboard. Please send that my way in a reply to this email.

    We also recommend saving this ID in your files, as you may need it to locate your game in the future.

    Note that this is different than a TinyID, which is a custom name used in some TinyCo games. We can use TinyID to locate accounts, but not all games use this. All active TinyCo games use either a PlayerID or a DeviceID, which you can locate using the above instructions.

  • I did not make this purchase; how do I get a refund?

    All TinyCo games are "Free to Play", which means they're completely free to download and play with a wide variety of fun content. Each app also has "Premium Currency," such as Zoo Bucks or Crystals, which you can buy using in-app purchases for real money. Premium Currency can be used on limited edition items, speeding up the game, and other extras. All In-App Purchases have multiple confirmations before charging.

    If you require a refund, please refer to the steps below.

    On iOS

    In order to get a refund, you'll need to contact Apple Customer Support, because the transaction was completed through the iTunes Store. Apple doesn't give 3rd parties (such as TinyCo) access to your billing or credit card information, so we're unable to provide you a refund directly. Please contact Apple Customer Support with the details of the in-app purchase, and they will be able to help you out.

    On Android

    To receive a refund on Android, please contact TinyCo Support with the following information:

    • Your TinyID
    • Your email address associated with Google Wallet
    • The items and/or amount of currency purchased
    • Receipt numbers for items purchased (this is a 16-digit number, with a period after the first 10 digits: 12345678901234567890.1234567890123456)

    If you already have a ticket open with TinyCo Support, please reply to the email you received with the information above.

  • I canceled my order by the charges still appear on my card/cellphone bill

    If you canceled a Google Checkout purchase before it was processed by your bank, it may still appear in your "Pending" charges temporarily. These charges should not go through. If your purchase had already been processed, it can take 3-5 days for Google to credit your bank account.

    If you use carrier billing to handle your payments, and the charge appears on your cell phone bill, you may need to contact your cell provider to complete the process. TinyCo does not have access to carrier billing information, and can only cancel orders made through the Google Play store using a Google Checkout account.

  • "I did not receive my Google Play/Android/Checkout Purchase"

    While  we find that almost all purchases are delivered quickly, they can sometimes be delayed due to connection issues or if the game closes during the purchase. If you haven't yet received your purchase on Android, please try the following:

    1. Open your game (Tiny Village, Tiny Monsters, etc)
    2. Tap the Crystals or Coins amount to bring up the purchasing screen
    3. Tap on one of the packages (such as the $0.99 package)
    4. Press the "back" button on your device BEFORE confirming the purchase or pressing "OK"

    This should trigger Google's servers to send the original purchase for you. 

    Google will sometimes put a hold on a purchase using its Fraud Protection algorithms, which can result in the delivery of a purchase being delayed. If you still have not received your purchase after 24 hours and after trying the above trick, this is usually the case. If you're still missing your currency and the purchase went through, please TinyCo Support with the following information:

    • Your TinyID
    • Your email address associated with Google Wallet
    • The items and/or amount of currency purchased
    • Receipt numbers for items purchased (this is a 16-digit number, with a period after the first 10 digits: 12345678901234567890.1234567890123456)

    If you've already contacted TinyCo Support and been directed to this page, please reply to that email with the above information. We'll need all of this info in order to make sure your purchase is delivered promptly.

  • I haven't received my purchase yet (Android only)

    In rare cases Google Wallet will put a hold on an order while it verifies the purchase, which can sometimes delay receiving items by several days. We've found that in almost all cases, the purchases arrive within a few days, once Google is able to verify the purchase. The charges may appear as "Pending" on your account during this time.

    If you have been waiting for more than a few days and still have not received your items, please contact us using the "New" button in the upper right of this page, and let us know the following information:

    - Your TinyID
    - Your email address associated with Google Wallet
    - Receipt numbers for items purchased

    We can use this info to track down the purchase information and assist you as best we can.

    We're very appreciative that you decided to make a purchase in one of our games, and will do everything we can to make sure you receive it. We're also working closely with Google to minimize this issue going forward.

  • How to transfer your TinyCo game to a new device

    On Tiny Zoo:

    There is a new feature of Tiny Zoo that will allow you to transfer your game by yourself, instantly. This requires you to have your OLD device still with you, as well as a NEW device with a camera included. If you have both devices, you can complete the transfer on your end within the next five minutes.

    To start transferring, make sure your Tiny Zoo is updated to at least version 1.8.2. Open your game, tap MENU, followed by TRANSFER YOUR ZOO. For more information about the in-game transfer feature, visit

    For all other TinyCo Games:

    We can help! For all TinyCo games besides Tiny Zoo, you will need to contact TinyCo Support (using the form at the bottom of this page) to transfer the game. When contacting us, please include as much of the following information as possible:

    • The UDID from your old device, if you have it handy.
    • The TinyID from your old device, if you made one.
    • The UDID from your new device.
    • Which game(s) you need transferred.

    Once we have this information, we can help transfer your game to your new device.

    For Tiny Village Android:

    Please forward us the following information:

    • Your TinyID from your OLD device.
    • Your TinyID on your NEW device. If your device does not yet have one, please install Tiny Village and set up a new account. Please note that this will become your permanent new TinyID.
    We look forward to seeing you in-game on your new device!
  • How to find your UDID on an iOS device

    To find your UDID on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch:

    • Connect it to your computer and wait for iTunes to launch.
    • Select your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch from the devices list in iTunes and click the "Summary" tab. Here you'll see information about your device, such as name, capacity, software version, serial number, and phone number.
    • To see your UDID, click on the word "serial number" beside the picture of the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. You should see the word "Identifer (UDID)" and an alphanumeric string - this is your UDID.
    • Copy your UDID number by pressing Ctrl C or Cmd C (if on a Mac) since you will not be able to simply select the UDID and copy it. Please note that it will not appear as though you have copied the UDID, but if you did press Ctrl C or Cmd C, that does copy it.
    • You should now be able to copy your UDID to your email, notepad or document.